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After spending years in the Grocery Business I was able to get into school through the GI Bill and got an Associate Degree in accounting. About the same time I began to prepare taxes out of my home. This was about 1984. I got on as an Admin Assistant doing payroll and paying the bills in '89. A neighbor gave me all his clients for tax preparation in '92. I was working more and more in positions that let me expand my accounting skills. I continued working in accounting positions full time and preparing taxes on my own. In '02 I went to work for a trucking company and when I left them 4 of them stayed with me so I could prepare their taxes. From them I have about 45 truckers that I work with. About the same time I went back to school to get my bachelor's degree.

After this I got into more advanced positions finally ending up as the Controller in a large Nursing Home. This situation was part of a major corporation in Texas. After 2 ½ years they decided to move the accounting department Louisiana. At this point I decided to go after my Master's Degree. I was able to complete it in April 2013. My business is growing and I am helping more and more small businesses. I have been able to specialize in truckers and small startup businesses.

I love what I am doing and the opportunity to help so many people. My wife and I live in Bountiful, Utah. We have 5 children and from them 9 grandchildren. I love to go bicycling, collecting M&M collectibles and expanding the maps and calendars of "The Lord of the Rings". I listen to books on my MP3 players. I spend a lot of time helping my wife with her business and making improvements to our home.


"Ray, you helped me understand what a financial report is. My business would have sunk without you clearing up everything."
Monte D.
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"You were a lifesaver during the "Carmacks" days"
Janet C.