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Tax PreparationTax Preparation – Taxes are complicated enough when it’s just one person. When you have a small business to file for every April, making sure to stay on top of it all can be impossible. When you have an accountant to take care of your tax preparation for you, however, there’s no need to worry. Their years of expertise can help handle even the following situations.

Maximizing deductions

An accountant can help boost your returns by finding deductions you didn’t even know you had. For small business owners, deductions can include hiring family members and abandoning rather than selling old equipment. Finding them all can complicate the tax preparation process, but it can also save your business a lot of money in the long run.


This is an extension of finding all your deductions, but it’s one a lot of people miss when they’re doing their tax preparation paperwork. Some deduction, such as net operating losses and home office deductions, can be only partially used. When that happens, an accountant can keep track of the partial deduction and carry it over to tax preparation the next year. That way, you won’t miss a penny.


If you have the equipment, a key part of your tax preparation is tracking its depreciation in value. Though many people take the lump sum option available, it’s possible that your actual depreciation will lead to higher savings. A good accountant can help you calculate the numbers, then decide which option is right for you.


If you want to save money on taxes, start retiring now. Money set aside for retirement doesn’t start getting taxed until it’s withdrawn when you’re at a certain age. The accountant that is responsible for your tax preparation can help you find the right amount to put aside each month.

Penalty relief

f you made a mistake in your tax preparation before an accountant came into your life, they can also help you fix it. Certain businesses may be qualified for penalty relief from the federal government, letting them retain money they might otherwise have to pay in penalty. A good independent accountant can help you find out if you qualify and secure any potential benefits.

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If you need help with your tax preparation needs next spring, hurry over to Ray’s Accounting. With years of experience, he can help your small business navigate tax complications as successfully as possible. Stop by today to learn more!